Nonprofit Governance in the Zoom Age

By necessity, we have all become “experts” of sorts in Zoom meetings. We use them for all purposes: corporate meetings, classes, family gatherings, happy hours and even travelogues. The upside is that we do not have to travel long distances or give up considerable time away from home or office. The downside is that we […]

What can religious organizations do and not do?

This is an interesting question. The separation of church and state in the United States values an atmosphere of “benign neutrality”, where there is no definition of “religion” and few parameters of its activity. Essentially, so long as it does not violate established public policy or commit illegal acts, religious activity is deemed acceptable. Although […]

Are you planning to start a nonprofit?

Are you thinking of starting your own nonprofit?  What do you hope to achieve? How will you go about starting it?  What benefits do you anticipate?  What drawbacks might you expect?  If these questions seem unnecessary, you may be in for a big surprise. Nonprofits are an important feature of American society.  From the earliest […]

Where have all the social clubs gone?

When you think of social clubs, you ordinarily think of fraternities and sororities, golf clubs, swimming clubs, tennis clubs and so many more. But the category of social clubs extends to all kinds of organizations that reflect many different interests: hobby clubs, bridge clubs, dog clubs, campground associations, car clubs and flying clubs. The list […]